We started Black Tie Geek because we’ve got better things to do than spend our precious brain processing power trying to figure out what tie to wear. We’d rather spend our time thinking of ways to take over the world, or come up with our next excuse to leave work early and make it in time for our next raid. After all, time is the only thing us humans can’t get back….at least not yet.  

When you shop at Black Tie Geek you can trust that what you buy will be just perfect. We don’t just release ties all willy-nilly like and offer countless options with pages and pages of products. We think long and hard about our tie and accessory designs and only release the best of what we come up.

We’re here to do the hard work for you and bring you a buying experience that is simple, easy and thinking free. An experience that will have you looking great no matter the occasion.

All of our ties don’t suck. That’s the Black Tie Geek promise.


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